Short version of the Church to Church ride on The Kapiti Coast

January 23rd 2014

Went on an interesting ride in the Akatarawa’s on Monday which involved an exit down stream for the best part of 2km.

Heading down stream

Heading down stream

The ride can be started from the same location as the epic 8 hour full Church to Church loop but on this ride you turn off the ridge that leads to Renata Saddle and dive down an old 4WD track that finally spits you out into Ngatiawa River where you head down stream until the junction of the Kapakapanui track which you then follow out to the road end and back to the church.

Ch to Ch miniMTB

3 to 4 hour ride instead of the 7 to 9 hours for the full loop, starting at 70m and climbing to 700m then loosing 500m down to the river in one BIG downhill.

Steve Meeres


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