Mt Thompson (on a good day)


Mt Thompson can be, and usually is an interesting ride… Just 80km out of Wellington. Mt Thompson is a little over 700m in altitude and you have to earn the downhill by climbing up there first, a nice cool river crossing before the long climb.


No fancy MTB tracks on this ride, just logging roads to get you most of the way up and then old four-wheel-drive tracks along a ridge through good sized bog-holes to get you to the top.



And on a good day there are views to the South Island, the Marlborough Sounds and all the way to Mt Taranaki 200km away.

a few of us knocked Mt Taranaki off on a non-biking trip back in 2008 on a ‘good day’, standing at 2518m in T-shirts…


Anyway back on Mt Thompson after being able to sit in the sunshine at 704m and munch on a sandwich on the top of Mt ‘T’ it is then time to put on an extra layer, preferable waterproof ready for the wild downhill on something resembling a creek bed for 600m of descent over about 3km until you reach the ‘Taranaki’ gate at the bottom, enjoyed the downhill so much that no photos were taken until the stop at the bottom to check all body parts were still connected.


you can’t beat Mt Thompson on any day, it’s just even better on a good day…

Steve, and 14 other good keen men, 6 who were first-timers.




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