Winter Time in the southern hemisphere, a time to hibernate… or alternatively build MTB tracks.

Sometimes when the colder shorter days arrive and riding the bike seems to be more of an effort, it would be easy to tuck it away in the garage and stay indoors next to the fire.

But if a local track building project comes along where you can ride your bike up into the hills and then start chopping trees down and digging up the hillside then why wouldn’t you!

Our local Kapiti MTB Club managed to get the go-ahead after a long struggle with the local body councils to build a three kilometre easy grade track through some pretty challenging country, that track is on target for an opening ceremony sometime before the summer season kicks in and everybody gets their bike out of the garage!

The uphill track is already in place and gives a nice steady climb, rising over 200m.

Whareroa Farm 01 IMG_2088 IMG_2090

The new track is through previously uncharted country and has involved some challenging exploratory missions…

IMG_2421 IMG_2518 IMG_2523 WP_01 WP_124 WP_126

This track was going to take a dedicated bunch a long time to hand dig and so the club invested some time and effort into fund raising and managed to get some voluntary digger time followed by some chargeable time which has been covered by the funds raised thus far…

IMG_2497a IMG_2489a IMG_2416 WP_05

A short 100m section required hand digging, which is not just hand digging, it involves digging out tree stumps and using a 2m ‘jimmy-bar’ to dispose of large rocks. The end result is a nice section through the trees and across a stream.

IMG_2496a IMG_2483a IMG_2492a WP_118

We have now started on the top section of the track which will involve hand digging around 300m of track and bridge crossing two small gullies… watch this space.

IMG_2520 logo-RMBANZ fullsize jpg

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