Rimutaka Summit Route. August 2014

The ride up to the Rimutaka summit, Burnt Spur  and back down the Pylon Track to Kiwi Ranch loop involves a bit of walking but hey, we had tackled it 4 years ago and didn’t write it off as a ‘never-do-again-ride’ and anyway at that time the sun was shining…

And so it was that on a cool August morning with a southerly blowing fine misty rain over the grey hills we set off with the 7°C breeze cooling our knees, this time tackling the ride in a clockwise direction so that we could ‘ride’ down from Burnt Spur to The Summit.

IMG_2561 IMG_2563a

The ride up to the beginning of the Pylon Track from Kiwi Ranch is a good warm up through some challenging bush sections, especially in the wet.


The Pylon Track is a good test for the lungs and legs as you eat up 400m of climb and a reason to break a sweat even if it was only 6°C and you’re wearing a plastic work coat (Gordy!)

IMG_2569 IMG_2570

Once you leave the pylon behind at the ride high point of 700m and descend along Burnt Spur (the site of a fire many years ago) you drop into a bush section and the temperature dropped to 4°C, there was plenty of bike carry through here to keep us warm… 

IMG_2572 IMG_2571

And when we weren’t carrying we could at least do some pushing and on the odd occasion some riding… The views are great up there even on a grey day and once we had regrouped at the summit and zipped off part-way down the highway to pick up the 4WD track that leads down to the Rimutaka Rail Trail it was a high speed dual slalom race down to The Rimutaka Incline and then a cruise back to the cars, but not before I talked the guys into a high speed pass through the ford doing an excellent impression of the ‘Rinse Cycle’!               Good ride, Good company: Andrew, Dave, Dirk, Gordy, Grant and Ian…


IMG_2575a IMG_2575c

Rimutaka Summit Route August 2014

Distance: 28km. Altitude Climb: 1055m.   Altitude high point: 700m.   

Total Time: 3H 30m.               Ride Time 2H 55m.

Rimutaka Summit Route

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