Glendhu Station, Wairarapa Coast.

We have just had a great weekend reconnaissance ride around part the Wairarapa Coast over on the southeast corner of the North Island, stayed on an old  sheep and beef station nestled between the hills down on the coast which has been run by the same family since the late 1800’s.

2016-4 Glendhu 022016-4 Glendhu 082016-4 Glendhu 122016-4 Glendhu 15

Gordie having arranged a shuttle run back towards Martinborough made sure we were all loaded up and ready to go for the one hour trip back to a nice (if not cool) high point start next to the Hau Nui wind farm which was New Zealand’s first commercial wind-farm built in 1996.

The trip up the coast was fairly uneventful until we reached ‘The Slip’, there was then some discussion on our options to navigate this before we set off down and across the Rerewhakaaitu River (try saying that after a bottle of port [Grant]) and climbed before reaching the slip which involved some challenging traversing!

All successfully across we rode on the final 7km back to our overnight accommodation for some fine home cooked food, thanks Gordie, where a few bevies were enjoyed by most and a lot by some…

Sunday dawned bright and the wind had swung round to the west and strengthened which cleared the skies and added a challenging crosswind later on the return leg along the coast.

We had picked a circular route to the north which involved a good honest climb to start the day and warm up those muscles.

We added in some off-track excursions and ridge riding which was fantastic (if that is your kind of riding). This picture shows a preferred option and I managed to encourage Dave to come along for some ‘very lively’ off-track descending…

2016-4 Glendhu 72

After the excitement we had a pleasant ride back along a wild and windy coastline before hitting the road and heading for home.

A great part of the country for some good scenic riding, no special single track but plenty of options to ride where there were no tracks at all… And just a note, this ride was over private land and requires the landowners permission for any access.

logo-RMBANZ fullsize jpg

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