Local Winter Riding 2016

Well it has been winter down here in the Southern Hemisphere but we haven’t completely hibernated and so here are a few pictures taken over the last three months to prove it.

This map covers the local area for these rides, nothing more than 20 km away from home-base as the crow flies!

Akatarawas NZ Topo Map

Akatarawas NZ Topo Map1_edited-1

A few shots on the way and on the way back from “The Coop”.

This ride in from Bulls Run Road started with a refreshing stream crossing with the air temperature around 6 degrees Celsius, quickly followed by a long climb and plenty of chance to warm up.

Huge contrast between riding in the bush and out in the open on sunny winter days.

The old track off of the side of Rimu Road named “Neil’s Track” has some absolutely fantastic ‘old-school’ riding with some huge fallen trees to try and work your way under.

But once we were back out in the open we could enjoy a break lying in the winter sun before the long slog back up Rimu Road and on down past ‘Teddy Bear Corner’ where it seems tradition dictates you abandon your old bear and strap him to a bush.

And finally we have been busy getting the first bridge built on the new local trail which is appropriately being named “RED TAPE” after our local council battler, Steve Lewis finally got the green light from council after more than 2 years of negotiations, and as you can see from the photo he has managed to keep some of his hair!

logo-RMBANZ fullsize jpg

Winter 2016

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