Pick of the bunch from last season…


IMG_0128 (2)

Great Lakes Trail, Taupo

IMG_0200 (2)

One of the eight suspension bridges on The Timber Trail.

IMG_0224 (3)

Makara Peak, Wellington.

IMG_0288 (2)IMG_0338 (2)

The Akatarawa’s bike wash!

IMG_0355 (3)

Kapiti Coast.

IMG_0363 (2)

Battle Hill Farm Park.

IMG_0381 (3)

Mount Victoria, Wellington.

IMG_0433 (4)

Jet Boating, Taupo.


Old Coach Road, Ohakune.

IMG_0586 (2)IMG_0588 (2)IMG_0589 (2)IMG_0600 (3)IMG_0604 (3)

Dun Mountain Trail, Nelson.

IMG_0662 (2)

Hanmer Forest trails, Hanmer Springs.

IMG_0672 (2)

Huka Falls, Taupo.

IMG_0704 (2)

Boulder Hill, Wellington.

IMG_0799 (2)IMG_0801 (2)

Tangarakau, Taranaki.

IMG_1189 (2)IMG_1234 (2)

River crossing on the ‘church to church’ loop, and relics from an earlier era.

IMG_1318 (2)IMG_1342 (3)

Overnight accommodation on The Timber Trail.

IMG_1343 (2)

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